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Alai Surf allows you to explore the world of surfing at a pace best suited to you. We offer a range of courses that are tailored for you to embark on your surfing journey and create a lifetime of great memories.


Drop In


Discover the joy and excitement of surfing for a one-day session. In this 60 mins session you will, •Spend 20 minutes understanding the basics of surfing onshore and put your newfound knowledge to practice in the waves. Feel proud of yourself for learning something new!


Wave Hog 


A fun and educational start into the world of surfing! Start your journey into the beautiful and exciting rush that is surfing with Alai Surf. •In the 2 days you will learn the art of paddle, pop up and riding across waves. Take baby steps into the surfing world.In this session, you will also get to learn about the ocean and surf awareness.


The Alai Experience


This package is more than just an experience. Calling all beginner Surfer’s for a wholesome surfing lesson. •In this 3day x 120mins lesson, you will learn correct techniques to paddle, stand up, drop into and ride across the waves. Practice you’re new found skills through progressive tuition and drills . •Also learn how to read the waves and understand surf etiquette. Start feeling confident in the waves and in your initiation into the surfer life.


Hang Five


Our 5 day surf course is most popular option because it is the best way to learn and enjoy Surfing. In this progressive lesson, you will learn new skills and drills while having tones of educational fun! •This five day course is mostly practical, but a small part of theory is essential. Alai’s certified surf instructor will teach you about waves, tides, currents and other useful things for your surfing. •The quality of our surf courses are top priority for us here at Alai Surf.


Green Wave Graduate

Prep and future proof your surfing journey in this progressive surf course designed for beginners to intermediate surfers. •In the 7 days you will, learn about surf etiquette, board design, wave types and identifying the right waves/breaks. •Additionally, get bragging rights about your new surfing skills and becoming a part of the surf community, confidently hitting the waves (and never wanting to stop).


Hang Eleven

If you're really committed to learning to surf, this package is perfect for you. Over your 11 day x 150 mins you will gain invaluable skills and master your surfing style. •Catch unbroken green waves with confidence and correct technique. This package is as flexible as you are and does not have to be taken over 11 consecutive days. •This package is for 1 person only and cannot be split between other participant •Challenge yourself on the waves and hopefully become an experienced surfer by the end of your stay.

Surf Sessions with Alai Surf is a perfect way for beginners to start their surfing lives.

For beginners, we recommend at least three dedicated lessons before you are ready to go out alone. But for you to progress, full week's course is recommended. Our surf team of internationally qualified surf instructors, beach lifeguards and their assistants are dedicated to your improvement.

Alai surf syllabus will up-skill you in many different aspects of the surf.
We keep the instructor to pupil ratio as high as possible to ensure your safety in the water so we will have never more than seven students per qualified instructor. Our lesson price includes courtesy transport to a suitable surf spot.

The morning conditions are at their prime for surfing lessons.

We offer surf lessons 7 days a week.

What’s Included-

  1. Equipment Rental

  2. Surf Lessons from ISA Certified Instructors

  3. Life Jacket (If you can’t swim)

  4. Drinking Water

  5. Shower Facilities

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