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Kids Surf Programs

Mums and Dads - give the kids something to do in the holidays. Try our safe surfing program for children. Specially structured series of surfing lessons for kids as young as 7 years.

We specialize in building children's self confidence, surf safety, ocean awareness and safe board riding skills. Even if you don't surf yourselves or live near the ocean, get the kids into this great program while they are young and encourage them as they grow older. Surfing is a wonderful sport that brings enjoyment to all who participate and which will teach the kids life long skills in a safe and supportive environment.

The classes are structured so that certain age groups are assigned their own coach who watches over and encourages the kids, using confidence building skills and drills through gentle reassurance, even if they don't know swimming. Starting out on the beach the participants learn about the ocean ebbs and flows, how to read rips and currents and recognize any dangers in the ocean. Next the kids learn correct paddling and standing techniques, then into the water to practice what they have been taught.

All lessons are progressive, fun and informative. The kids will finish this program with a heightened respect of the ocean and correct board riding skills to hone and master throughout their lives. Plus they will meet tons of new friends along the way.

If you would like to enquire about these fantastic programs, Kindly get in touch with our office.

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