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We have a passion for surfing and believe it can have a transformative impact on people’s lives. At Alai Surf, we strive to help non-surfers become surfers and to motivate existing surfers to higher levels all with the joy of the journey. Alai surf was founded to make surfing accessible to women and men, young and old.

To improve surfers, the surfing community and the surf industry by reinvigorating the fascination, reinforcing the surf stoke and reconnecting us all to the essential magic of the waves. Our team values respect for the ocean, our sport, and every single student. These values drive the vision of Alai Surf.

We measure our success by the number of people who find or rediscover the power and beauty of surfing. We will not leave behind those with physical or mental disabilities who dream of riding on the ocean.  We know that whatever levels we achieve in our goals that the project is a journey, an ongoing quest to improve – in our surfing, our company and our lives.

We view our company as a family and strive to treat everyone with mutual respect and gratitude.  We are not simply employees, but part of a team working together with a common vision and towards common goals. We value our team’s opinions and encourage respectful, creative, and constructive disagreement. We seek new ways to improve the experience for our clients, new ideas to broaden our footprint, and new perspectives that will bring change and improvement to the style, service, and technology of Alai Surf. We know that teams acting together are exponentially stronger than individuals acting in parallel, and with our camaraderie and collaboration, we will prove that Alai surf only shares-

“Pure stoke”

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