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I'have never surfed before, is that ok?

  • Definitely! Our progressive surf course is designed for absolute beginners in mind.

      We can’t stress enough that you don’t need any previous surfing experience to join our camps!

Do i need to know how to swim before learning surfing? 

  • You technically don’t need to know how to swim before learning how to surf. it is more a question of how    comfortable you are out in the water. If you don’t know how to swim and you really want to surf, then you should look at the private lessons, for your own safety.

What should i bring to the surf camp?

  •  We recommend bringing: Swimwear/Board Shorts, a huge appetite, Lots of Energy, Booking confirmation receipt, Sun protection, Comfortable walking shoes, Warm/wet weather clothing, Valid ID, Towel & Toiletries.

Which package is the best to learn or improve my surfing?

  • It’s the 5 days surf course. It’s planned to maximize your learning. The more time you are spending with us, bigger your progress will be.

How many people are in a open group lesson?

  • Our Open Group Lesson size varies. We maintain a ratio of at least 1 instructor for every 7 students booked. We can book up to 33 students on any Open Group Lesson.  In addition, we always have extra instructors and volunteers in the water taking photos & assisting. The instructors work together & all students will have lots of opportunities to catch waves.​

What is included in the lesson?

  • We provide the equipment and an instructor, The instructor will be with you for the entirety of the lesson time. We also have long sleeve surf shirt, protective shoes and life jackets available, but are not required or recommended unless necessary.​

What’s the benefit of taking a private lesson versus a group lesson?

  • The private lesson allows for more one on one attention from the instructor, more assistance in general, more assistance paddling out, the opportunity to catch more waves, the opportunity to surf further out than the group lesson and work on progressing your skills, etc.

Do you close for holidays?

  • No, we do not. We are open 365 days. The surfing season on the west-coast is from September to May. For the most up to date of our operation call our office to confirm.

How far in advance should i make my reservation?

  • It is best to call at least 24 hours in advance, but lessons occasionally fill up ahead of time, so the sooner the better. We are often able to take same day bookings, but to ensure we have space for you and the correct number of instructors we typically need a few hours notice & of course there is a higher probability of lessons not being available if you are booking last minute.

     During our high traffic season* we do recommend making your bookings much further in advance since we         more frequently fill up ahead of time.

What are your lesson times and when are you open?

  • 2-hour lessons are available at 7 am, 9 am and 4pm daily.365 days a year.(We are open rain or shine)

    1-hour lessons are available on requests. Phone lines are open from 7 am to 6 pm every day-Indian Standard      Time.

    We operate at the beach location from approximately from 7am to 6pm daily around our scheduled lessons        and during that time we can also help to provide rentals.

    For the most up to date daily hours of beach operation call our office to confirm.


What types of boards do you have?

  • We have best in class NSP Soft top’s, wide Surf (8’4, 9’6),Sundowner and Elements. All Soft top Longboards are reserved for our lessons. Hard boards are available for rentals. 


I want to rent a board, what should i do?

  • All rentals are first come first serve. If you would like to rent a board or performance long board please call the office to arrange ahead of time.


Are there age restrictions?

  • No, we can teach all ages from 7 to 99.  We require that children under 13 are on a private lesson .If the students are young children, around 7 years old and under they will often need to be on the board with the instructor (what we call a tandem lesson), and this will be a private lesson. If the students are around 70 or older and feel they need the extra attention, a one on one lesson is advisable.

I don’t speak English well, is that okay? what languages do the instructors speak?

  • Yes, it is okay, our instructors are accustomed to working with non-English speakers. We have instructors who speak multiple languages e.g. Hindi, Kannada, Tulu ,Telugu, Tamil.( We also use visual aid to help explain surfing)

Should i be worried about jellyfish or other sea creatures?

  • No, it is very unlikely to be stung by jellyfish or anything else in the water for that matter. You may occasionally see sea turtles and other small fish in the surf area. If you’re lucky you’ll see dolphins further out or whales jumping on the horizon during the season.  It is very rare to encounter jelly fish & even rarer to see Stingray. Jellyfish stings may be uncomfortable, but are by no means something that requires medical attention (unless you have an allergy).  If you are at all concerned about jellyfish we recommend wearing pants such as yoga or work out pants to help protect the skin. Our long sleeve surf shirts provide protection for the upper body.

I get seasick, can i go surfing?

  • Yes, however you might get a little seasick during the lesson, so we recommend taking a remedy ahead of time that your doctor recommends for you.

Do you have go-pro mounts on your boards?

  • We do not have mounts on our boards, however you are welcome to bring your own mount and put it on the board to use during your lesson or rental, afterwards we will remove it from the board. All personal GoPros are mounted and taken in the water at your own risk and can fall off if not applied properly, we are not responsible for loss or damage of your.


I have my own go-pro or waterproof camera, can i take it on the lesson?

  • Anything you take in the water is at your own risk. We do not recommend it, but if you do decide to bring a camera with you, you will want to ensure that it can float and attach to you in some way that doesn’t interfere with the ability to paddle. A secure zipper pocket may work if you do not have another method.

I am a lady and it is my time of the month, can i still go surfing?

  • Yes you certainly can, don’t worry you will not attract sharks. 

I wear prescription glasses and/or contact lenses, can i wear them during the lesson

  • You are certainly able to wear contact lenses, but we do not recommend wearing prescription glasses. You can lose your contact lenses in the water, but as long as you keep your eyes closed underwater it is not a huge risk. You may wear prescription goggles. If you cannot see well without your glasses it is okay, you can still take the lesson. We are even able to teach blind students.

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